Sunday, December 20, 2015

Crochet Star Ornament

Sometimes you find something on Pinterest and it leads you nowhere... so then you go on a hunt for the link to what you need. That was the case for this star ornament. Luckily, there were a lot of very talented people who went through the frustration of finding the link and instead, came up with patterns of their own! 

Even though I found a few patterns, I decided to look on YouTube. I've been getting better at following written instructions but sometimes, I just have no idea what the patterns are saying. I love to watch tutorials on YouTube because even if I don't quite understand someone's instructions, usually I can figure it out by watching the video.

So here is the link to the tutorial (by Jonna Martinez) followed. I only changed minor things but it's pretty much the same pattern. Once you make the first one, you pretty much can knock them out pretty fast. I love that it's so easy. 

I tried variations of attaching the ribbons and button. I split the 4-ply yarn in half (2-ply) and used that to thread my tiny needle to sew the button to the ribbon. In the end, I decided that sewing the button to the ribbon first and just attaching it through the hole of the star was the easiest.

I used several different hook sizes but ended up using the 5mm hook for most of them. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarns. The 5mm hook will give you a star about 4 inches (depending on your tension).

I always have a stash of buttons to use :)

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