Saturday, July 30, 2016

Crochet Slouchy Hat

I've had the Snowdrift Slouch Hat pinned for a long time and decided it was time to make it. I could just live on her blog. She has such wonderful patterns. :)

The texture on the main part of the hat is just so wonderful. This hat is made in a rectangle and then seamed together. I can see making a beautiful blanket with chunky yarn using this stitch. 

Rebecca uses white yarn for her hat but I wanted to make it 2 colors.

I used Big Twist Light Teal & Red Heart Heather Grey for my colors.

It doesn't say in the pattern when to switch crochet hooks (or maybe I missed it) but I assume you switch to the smaller hook when working on the band.

Seaming it wasn't as bad as I thought because her tutorial was very thorough. I've always avoided making hats that I have to sew up. That's the reason I like to work in rounds :)

Mine was slightly too big so I had to make a few decrease single crochets on the band to fit my head. I didn't click on her pom pom tutorial but I made one because well, I'm in love with pom poms! Most my Knit Hats have pom poms on it! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Crochet Candy Puff Beanie

How cute is this beanie? It uses 2 strands of worsted weight yarn and a 9mm hook which means it works up fast. The pattern is available for all sizes.

Here is a link to Busting Stitches - Candy Puffs Beanie

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crochet Boot Cuffs

I found these cuffs on Ravelry from Jenny Dickens. I was a little confused with the pattern but I made it work. I didn't understand why the last shell was sort of a half shell only. Anyway, they're still super cute and easy to make. Hopefully I look good in them this fall! haha

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crochet Kids Chunky Cowl

I actually made this back in February 2015 during a camp trip on the California coast. It's really simple but I finally took some photos of my youngest wearing it. While packing for our camp trip, I found it and thought I'd throw it on him for a photo :) He actually wasn't as resistant as he has been recently!

Yarn - Lion Brand Hometown Chunky yarn (I don't remember but I think I used more than one ball)
9mm Hook
Yarn Needle

Chain 48 (or any even number of stitches for the size you want the circumference of the cowl)
Join with a slip stitch to the beginning chain, careful not to twist the stitches.

Round 1: Chain 1, 1 single crochet into every stitch all the way around, join with a slip stitch to beginning chain 1

Round 2: Chain 4 (counts as a double crochet & a chain 1). skip one stitch, *1 double crochet into the next, chain 1, skip a stitch. Repeat from * all the way around. Join into the 3rd chain in the beginning chain 4 (the 4th chain is your chain 1 space)

Repeats round 1 and 2 until desired height is reached. I did a total of 9 rounds (5 single crochets & 4 double crochet rounds). 

Single crochet the final round.

The bottom and top rounds are single crochet rounds. This means I started with a single crochet round and ended with a single crochet round. 

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Crochet Lulu Pom Pom Scarf

Let's face it. Kids things are cute. They're miniature and the kiddos look good modeling anything! Anyone who knows me knows ...