Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crochet Newsboy Hat

I love newsboy hats. I made one for each of my boys...

My 2 year old on his birthday

My youngest on New Year's Eve 2014

Crochet Mohair Bonnet

I was trying to crochet a bonnet for a newborn but it turned out bigger than I expected because I was using a larger hook. It's okay though. I wanted matching hats for a sibling newborn photo. Baby girl is 2 and this should fit her head just fine. I think a tie back in the same mohair yarn will look better on the newborn! 

I followed the tutorial here. It was a little confusing and in the end I think I just stopped following the instructions. The problem is I'm not using the same type of yarn and size hook. There's not a whole lot of tutorials using mohair yarn and the written patterns I did find was confusing to follow (or I'm not good at following it).

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Crochet Newborn Purple Bonnet

I love making newborn hats because they're so fast to make and so cute! I'm on a roll today! haha. I got the pattern here. The only difference in mine is that I crocheted one less roll and I weaved in the lace to match the number of shell stitches I had.

I know... it's the same hat on different backgrounds. I thought the white lace and ivory ribbons didn't show well in the lighter color background. :) What's with the hearts? Well, it's almost Valentine's Day! So I took photos on my Valentine set up. ♥

My niece was rocking the Bonnet!

Crochet Large Pom Pom Newborn Hat

I saw a pom pom hat on Pinterest and I thought it was the cutest thing! So I made one of my own. It's so darn cute! I can't wait to use it! When I have time (because my whole family is sick with a bad cold) I will come back to this post and include the pattern. I'm excited that I actually learned how to read patterns! Being able to read patterns means there's that much  more projects I can take on! Plus, if I come up with my own pattern, I can share! Who doesn't love free patterns!?!?

Crochet Newborn Baby Girl Hat

My sister is expecting another girl! How come she keeps getting girls and I only get boys? ^_^ She's actually due today. I'm sure she is more than ready for baby girl to come out! I never made it to full term with my 3 boys and I know I was ready waaaay before I gave birth! 

I'm hoping she's up for newborn photos. Most of the time, we're so busy and sleep deprived, taking photos is far from our minds but I hope I can sneak some shots anyway because I know that she will treasure the photos later... they're only newborn for so long and having photos of them is so precious!

So I was at the Dollar Tree and saw these pink puff ball yarns and bought 6 of them! Why? I don't know! Because it's a dollar!!!! They usually sell for $5-$6

Check out what else I used the yarn for! It makes a cute garland for Valentine's Day!

Crochet Lulu Pom Pom Scarf

Let's face it. Kids things are cute. They're miniature and the kiddos look good modeling anything! Anyone who knows me knows ...