Thursday, July 9, 2015

Crochet Bow-Tie

A couple of months ago, I made these Crochet Coffee Cozies and I really liked the way it looks. It almost looks like it's knitted. I decided to make this same pattern for the Bow-Tie. I already made some Crochet Bow Ties for St. Patrick's Day using double crochets. But I wanted this one to be different. 

I added a strap with a button to hold it in place instead of using a safety pin like I did for the St. Patrick's Day ones. 

This bow tie was made to match a Crochet Newsboy Hat I made for my son's First Birthday Cake-Smash Session.

I felt like it was a little too big but when I asked several people, they thought the size was just fine. I guess i'm always unhappy with how things turn out.

You can follow the same tutorial  (Free tutorial by Jonna Ventura) as the coffee cozy but don't make it as tall since you're making a bow. 

You can use yarn to wrap around the middle or you can crochet a small piece that goes around it (like I did). It doesn't matter how the back will look since it's hidden. 

He looked so great in it!

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