Sunday, April 3, 2016

DIY Polymer Crochet Hook

When I want to do something, there's no stopping me! ;) Instead of buying something I want, I spend more than I should to make it! Of course, in the end (if I continue to make more) it will be a lot more cost effective since I won't need to buy a lot of the tools and supplies....

So, first you need clay (duh) so I purchased a few in different colors and a multi pack.


Polymer Clay
Crochet Hook - Mine was 5mm
Acrylic Roller 
Non-stick mat
Cutting Blade (X-acto Knife)
Metal cutters (optional)


I rolled the the clay first so it's easier to knead. I used my fingers to squish until the clay is soft.

I rolled 2 different size balls (3 sections total) of the white clay.

I insert from the bottom the smaller ball and then the larger ball. 

From here I shaped it until I got the desired look.

I covered the bottom of the hook.

I rolled a thin piece of pink clay and placed it between the two balls.

I cut out little hearts (only using two) and decorated with it.

I then baked it at 275°  for about 25-30 minutes. It says 15 mins per 6mm (1/4") thickness. I have no idea how thick mine is. 

I used the Triple Thick Glaze after it cooled. 

It's only my 2nd hook made using polymer clay. I later read that all the smoothing and buffing should be done before baking... so I'm still learning. It's not perfect but I still love it :) I can see this getting really addicting! Yikes!

The plain pink one was the very first one I made, and I didn't glaze it. I used it to make something and it was a world of a difference with comfort!

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