Friday, July 11, 2014

Crochet Round ball

My 17 month old loves to throw things so I've been trying to think of soft things to give him. Of course my 4 year old hears me talking about a crochet ball and he said "I want a green one please!" 

I came across this free pattern for a crochet sphere ball on Ravelry. I added an Easter egg with beans and it's a rattling ball! Fun! I can't remember where I read the suggestion (Pinterest maybe?).

I'm trying my best to get used to written patterns. Up until this point, I have always watched YouTube tutorials because it's easier for me to follow along. Lately, I'm challenging myself to read patterns! Here goes!


Yarn (I used Red Heart 4 ply worsted yarn in Paddy Green)
Crochet Hook (I used 5.5mm)
Yarn Needle
Batting (used batting from pillow $1.99 at Ikea!)
Plastic Easter Egg
Beans (I had Lentils on hand)

DIRECTIONS:  Follow the pattern here.

When you are decreasing, make sure you fill the egg and insert it before your hole gets too small.

Fill batting around the egg.

Continue to decrease to close the ball. Before you completely close it, add more batting.

It was a fun little project but now that I'm done, I wish I had glued the egg shut! If you squeeze it too hard, you can hear it pop open. I haven't had any lentil beans fall out yet. As long as I squeeze it in the other direction, it shuts closed. It's in there pretty snugly.

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