Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crochet Newborn Puff Stitch Beanie

I have only made 3 puff stitch beanies in my (crocheting) life. Okay, I lied. I've only completed 2 hehe. The latest one I made (or started) never got completed. It takes so long to make and then I got distracted with other projects.

I wanted to make another (the 3rd) and decided if I made a smaller one, I'd probably be finish sooner and not get distracted.

I followed the free pattern found here. The pattern is for a slouchy beanie in a woman's size but I just made it smaller.

When starting with the brim, I made it about 13" stretched and then joined with a slip stitch. Going up on the hat, I stopped when it measured 6". Using a yarn needle, I cinched up the top.

I decided to add a cute little flower. I followed the free pattern here. I wanted to be able to clip it on so I attached a clip to the back side instead of attaching it to the actual hat.

I didn't even glue the clip. I put it through a few stitches on the bottom. This will be used as a prop so I'm not concerned about making it secure. Of course if you are making it for a baby to wear, you probably want to sew the flower to the hat securely. 

It's so tiny and darn cute!

And I printed these cute little cards using Microsoft Word.

How cute is this 10 pound newborn?!


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